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Become a Foster/Adoptive Family!

CARE-fully Packed utilizes backpacks to alleviate some of the burdens encountered by children in foster care, yet our foremost goal goes far beyond the tangible backpacks. We seek to educate, inform, and involve more people than ever before to incite change that will lead to the permanent demise of the foster care crisis. As more people and families become aware of this crisis, it is our highest hope and intention that they will ultimately pursue fostering and/or adoption.

Click here to view a photo-listing of thousands of children waiting to be adopted in the United States via AdoptUSKids!

Or Click on the Links Below to Learn More about the Following Topics from AdoptUSKids!


Adoption from Foster Care

Foster Parenting

What Does it Cost?

Who can Adopt/Foster?

Adoption Stories


The Process (How to Adopt & Foster)

Getting Started

Envisioning your Family

Getting Approved

Being Matched with a Child

Receiving a Placement

Finalizing an Adoption

State Information 

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